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Archaeological Park:

02) The Melone II del Sodo

The Melone II of Sodo is located on the right bank of the Rio di Loreto.
This burial site too may be dated back to the archaic period and consists of two separate inner tombs: the Tomb I featuring a pseudo-vault roofing was unearthed in 1928/9; the Tomb II was discovered in 1991 and contained a real wealth of golden grave goods.
In 1990 excavations brought to light on the east side of the of the mound perimeter a monumental altar-platform accessed by means of a stairway whose side-walls are decorated with reliefs and sculptural groups.
Melone II del Sodo

Melone II del Sodo
Melone II del Sodo
Melone II del Sodo
The restored
The unearthing of the altar
Reconstruction of the Tumulus
in the archaic period


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