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Archaeological Park:

03) The Melone I del Sodo

The Melone I of Sodo is located on the left bank of the Rio di Loreto.
The Tumulus consists in an artificial mound and is an example of archaic Etruscan funerary architecture. The burial site was investigated and unearthed during an excavation campaign carried out in 1909. The tomb consists of a long uncovered dromos (entry-corridor) leading to a five-chamber area consisting in turn of one central chamber and four chambers opening onto the central corridor. The tomb features a pseudo overhanging vault. Recent excavations (2003) brought to light part of the original socle.
Melone I del Sodo

Melone I del Sodo
Melone I del Sodo
Melone I del Sodo
Melone I del Sodo
Overall view
Plan view
Socle of the Tumulus


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