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Archaeological Park:

The cistern of the Bagni di Bacco

The former site of the cistern of the Bagni di Bacco, adjoining the church of S.Antonio, is today occupied by a street and partially by a vegetable garden. The portion occupied by the street is bounded to the West by a building that was built on top of the cistern wall and to the East by a modern wall separating the street from the vegetable garden. The original northern, eastern and western walls of the cistern are still clearly visible in the garden; such walls are built with a concrete mix similar to that used for the ancient walls of the cistern included within the convent of Santa Chiara. The cistern had overall dimensions of 57 x 58 feet. The concrete masonry of the walls, still visible on the inside of the portion enclosed within the vegetable garden, has a height from ground level ranging from 6,1 to 6,6 feet. An estimate of the capacity of the basin would be rather unrealistic as the actual height and depth of the same are unknown. The cistern possibly used to supply water to the baths of Piazza Tommasi.
Cisterna Bagni di Bacco

Cisterna Bagni di Bacco
Cisterna Bagni di Bacco
Cisterna Bagni di Bacco
The church of S.Antonio
Side view of the cistern
Front view of the cistern


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