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Archaeological Park:

The Porta Bifora

The Porta Bifora, also known as Porta Ghibellina, is the only known original monumental Etruscan gate to have been preserved to this day; the gate originally featured a single arch traces of which were discovered during the excavation. The new double-arched gate featuring an inner gate was built in the first half of the 2nd century B.C. The stunning stone-paving of the inner gate attests to the ceremonial character of this gate from which a large road wound its way down the hill to the main Hellenistic necropolises of Cortona. The gate was later reduced, in the late-antique period, to one single-opening, the northern one, and survived to this day in this form going through several changes.
Porta Bifora

Porta Bifora
Porta Bifora
Porta Bifora
Porta Bifora
Overall view
Detail of the arch
Front view of the arches
Inside view of the arches


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